Our Score 3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

  • RH | 70% for 8 Weeks
  • MSRP | $8.56
  • Smoke Time | 1 Hour & 10 Minutes
  • Wrapper | Unknown
  • Binder | Unknown
  • Filler | Unknown
  • Length | 4.88
  • Ring Gauge | 50
  • Vitola | Figurado
  • Release Date | January 2019

Initial Reactions and Appearance

Viaje Scotch Bonnet has a gold label at the top of its fairly dark wrapper, and the whole thing looks a little wrinkly–almost like when something gets wet and shrinks (note: the cigar didn’t actually get wet). There are no imperfections with the build of Viaje Scotch Bonnet. Moving on, the unlit draw is a little tight and tastes a bit like chocolate and coffee. Let’s spark it up.

First Third

Smooth on the first few puffs, Viaje Scotch Bonnet starts off with some notes of cream and a lot of vanilla. There is not a lot of pepper on the retrohale right away, but a blast of spice appears as soon as this thing opens up. Dark chocolate and pepper quickly become the dominant flavors within the first 5 minutes of this smoke. About halfway through, the sweetness returns to accompany the pepper. The draw is a little tight, but it’s a non-issue. Viaje Scotch Bonnet burns well!

Second Third

As the second third of Viaje Scotch Bonnet begins, the spice starts to fall. A bit of a barnyard taste comes into play as the draw gets a little worse, but it still burns well. Constant puffs are needed so the stick doesn’t go out due to its tight draw.

Cedar notes begin to appear, and the pepper on the retrohale is at the perfect level. As the second third of Viaje Scotch Bonnet reaches its end, the draw gets a lot better.

Final Third

The draw improves even more–almost perfect now! No touch-ups so far.

A lot of changes occur on the final third of Viaje Scotch Bonnet. The pepper is almost non-existent now, and the sweetness has left alongside it. Dark chocolate and creamy notes are still there, and there is a lingering flavor of toasted chocolate after each puff.

Would I Smoke Viaje Scotch Bonnet Again?

Absolutely. Viaje Scotch Bonnet would be a great after-dinner cigar. While the tight draw at the beginning was annoying, Viaje Scotch Bonnet is a solid smoke with a fair price.

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