Our Score 3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

  • RH – 70% for 3 Weeks
  • MSRP – $7.99
  • Smoke Time – 1 Hour & 20 Minutes
  • Wrapper – Indonesian Besuki
  • Binder – Philipino
  • Filler – Nicaraguan
  • Length – 6
  • Ring Gauge – 50

Initial Reactions and Appearance

An overwhelming scent of coffee is accompanied by a sweet smell—something you’d expect from an infused cigar. The wrapper itself looks quite good, and the unlit draw is sweet and tastes of cappuccino.

First Third

The first few puffs of Macanudo M are sweet, and the coffee flavor from the first impressions are present. This is not the typical coffee flavor you find on cigars. It is more of a chocolate coffee flavor. A bit overwhelming but just what you would expect with an infused cigar. The draw is a little loose, but the retrohale is quite smooth. There isn’t a ton of flavor, but I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of bitterness.

Second Third

A chocolate coffee flavor complements the smooth retrohale. There is still no bitterness, and the ash holds well throughout the smoke.

Final Third

The coffee flavor recedes a bit and it’s not as sweet as before, but the flavors are still there. It’s still incredibly smooth on the retrohale, but aside from that there’s not much going on. The draw does seem to improve on the final third, as I’m not having to puff as often, but the complexity is lacking a bit.

Would I Smoke Macanudo M Again?

Yes. Macanudo M is one of the better infused cigars I’ve smoked. I’m not usually a fan of infused cigars, but I’d definitely recommend this one to people that enjoy infused cigars. 


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