Our Score 3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

  • RH – 70% for 1 Week
  • MSRP – $6.20
  • Smoke Time – 1 Hour & 30 Minutes
  • Wrapper – Maduro (Mexican San Andres)
  • Binder – Nicaraguan
  • Filler – Nicaraguan
  • Length – 4.75
  • Ring Gauge – 60
  • Vitola – Short Titan
  • Release Date – 2018

Initial Reactions and Appearance

JFR Lunatic Maduro Short Titan is a stubby cigar featuring an ultra dark wrapper and a toothy pigtail top. When I remove the silver foil covering the foot and first half of the cigar, several imperfections are revealed. Three little holes and a small gash are present on the wrapper of my cigar, but the issues are purely cosmetic. The pigtail top, which I had hoped would be easy to remove, kind of just crumbles off and doesn’t give the satisfying cut I was expecting.

Musty, chocolate aromas are present on the initial inhale.

First Third

The first few puffs of JFR Lunatic Maduro Short Titan give off a coffee flavor with a little bitterness at the tail end of the exhale. With a little bit of black pepper and medium spice, the retrohale is creamy and smooth with hints of leather as well.

During my smoke, a crack forms right where the three holes are. It doesn’t affect the burn in any way, but it takes away from the quality of the construction.

As the first third continues, the creaminess subsides and the bitterness from before becomes a little more apparent. The draw remains decent, and the bitterness actually begins to develop some complexity. It’s comparable to the flavors of dark chocolate and an IPA beer. The flavors of leather linger in the mouth with each puff, and the spice builds and builds on the retrohale. Toward the end of the first third, the leather remains dominant–a great flavor to carry into the second third.

Second Third

The second third of JFR Lunatic Maduro Short Titan starts by burning right through the crack. Leathery notes with a bitter finish are still prominent, but the cream on the retrohale has been completely replaced by the spice. As the black pepper becomes more apparent, the draw gets a little tighter, but it’s still not bad.

I’m able to burn all the way through the large crack without any issues, and the ash from the cigar drops about halfway through the second third. A little bit of canoeing appears toward the end, but it fixes itself to make for a pretty consistent second third. It actually burns for quite a long time–I’m already an hour into the smoke at this point and there’s still a little bit left before the final third starts.

Final Third

Burn remains even and there has been no need for touch-ups. The draw is good, but when I remove the band I notice yet another hole in the cigar. This thing is a cosmetic disaster, but it tastes awesome and burns well. Some sweet chocolate notes appear on the retrohale, and some of the creaminess from the very beginning battles its way against the spice. Nicotine-wise, I can feel it . . . but it’s not a killer. Toward the end, the complexities start to muddle and it starts to taste a bit like tar.

Would I Smoke JFR Lunatic Maduro Short Titan Again?

Yes. The flavor is great, the complexity is there, and the draw and burn were solid the whole time. Plus, it’s difficult to find a lone, decent cigar for under $7. That being said, the imperfections and holes under the bands could lead to a potential disaster, so the construction score is going to take quite a large hit. Though the imperfections were merely cosmetic for me, it could be worse for someone else.

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