Our Score 1.5 out of 5 stars (1.5 / 5)

  • Blend Type – Handmade Cigar
  • Blend Contents -Connecticut Broadleaf, Nicaraguan Filler
  • Cut – Mutilated Cigar Shag
  • MSRP –Approx. $7, 6×54 Toro (15g)
  • Tin Date – Stored at 69% RH since 2016
  • Pipe Material – Briar
  • Bowl Dimensions – .92” W x 1.695” D


The Day Before

“This is for science!”

I’m sure there’s an evil glimmer in my eyes as I peel the band away from a Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial. This is a cigar I know I enjoy, though I haven’t had one in quite some time. If this doesn’t go well, we can’t blame the cigar and, whether it goes well or not, I won’t be influenced by recent experiences to find certain flavors.

I slide it into my cutter and slice off a ¼” chunk. Another cut, another cut, keep going until all that’s left is pile of thick tobacco coins. I’ve chosen to go thick because cigars are much drier than pipe tobacco and I don’t want the tobacco to crumble into dust when I roll the coins out. (Rolling out is the manual process by which a dense piece of blended tobacco is broken up before being packed into pipe.) In order to better match the moisture content of a pipe tobcco, A touch of distilled water is added, then I put the “cigar” aside to rest. Tomorrow, we experiment.

Initial Reactions and Appearance

The cigar has been transformed into an extremely rough shag tobacco. It smells absolutely heavenly, an opinion agreed up by my cigar smoking companion. I cannot wait to pack my pipe. I’ve chosen a Savinelli Roma with a rather wide bowl and thick walls. This is one of my favorite pipes, it feels great in the hand and typically smokes quite nicely.

First Third

Leathery chocolate. These are standard tobacco flavors and can be found in both cigars and pipe tobacco, but still… The first puff is adamant; I’m smoking something a little different from what usually takes up residence in my pipe. This isn’t the first time I’ve had cigar in this Savinelli; I’m a huge fan of the late McClelland Tobacco’s Dominican Glory Maduro, which was advertised as containing Maduro cigar leaf. However, this abused Jaime is a parallel universe away. Right now, I’m enjoying a world where My Father has reached into their reserves of tobacco and blended something incredible for the briar and cob crowd.

The flavor begins very mild, then ramps up after a few draws and settles on a gourmet milk chocolate laced with a touch of black pepper spice in the nose. The smoke is smooth and creamy, shy hints of birch and vanilla dancing around the retrohale and aftertaste. Leather crops up in the smoke on a few draws. The pepper begins to disappear from the retrohale.

Second Third

Just as I’ve gotten familiar with the chocolate, it steps aside and the flavor begins to remind me of the smell of buttery bread, fresh out of the oven. (My reference points may be influenced by my proclivity for baking.)

The decision to cut up this Jaime is looking good, I’m enjoying myself greatly until things go downhill. The tobacco gods might be punishing me for destroying a cigar. The flavor of a well-done steak starts to settle in. I’m more of a medium-rare guy myself, but this isn’t a problem. What is a problem is that the steak soon starts to taste like it has been sitting in the freezer way too long.  Freezer burn coats everything.

Final Third

Things aren’t getting better. While the smoke is cool and friendly, an ideal attitude for pipe tobacco, it just doesn’t taste good. Freezer burn remains ever-present dominating the retrohale, flavor, and aftertaste. Retrohale features some of the leather from before, but it isn’t enough to make this a positive experience. The flavor starts to evolve some and it gets a touch meatier as I get right to the end. Burned down to a fine, white ash, I’m left quite unhappy with the whole experiment.

Would I Put That In My Pipe Again?

First things first; I already did try smoking the deconstructed Jaime two more times, once with the same pipe and once with a small corn cob. Sadly, the results were nearly identical to the experience detailed above.  The Reserva Especial is a great cigar that was only hurt by going in the pipe. I’l be happy to smoke the whole cigar, but never again like this.

That in mind, I’m still not discouraged from trying to pipify a few more cigars, see if I can find a one that works. If you have any ideas for a cigar you’d like to see Put In My Pipe, let us know!


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