Our Score: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)
Color: Dark Roast | Flavors: Creamy, Chocolaty, Nutty | Acidity: High

I paired JSK’s Caffe Kral with a JSK Red Knight lonsdale. The coffee is a Nicaraguan blend, and the beans come from the Jinotega Mountains in Nicaragua. Jinotega is about 50 miles east of Esteli, and it is one of the three major coffee regions of Nicaragua. It’s also the largest producer in the country.

I typically drink my coffee Turkish style, which is how I’m going to review this particular blend. Turkish coffee is very similar to Cuban coffee except that the grind is ultra-fine, almost a powder. The powder is placed directly into the water with no filter, adding a sludgy consistency to the drink. Traditional Turkish coffee is loaded with sugar but because we want to get a sense of what the actual bean tastes like, I drank it both sweetened and unsweetened. And of course I smoked a JSK Red Knight Lonsdale as I conducted the review to see how well they paired.

1st Round: Sweetened

Sweetened with a lot of sugar…my preferred way to drink coffee. Sweetened Caffe Kral Coffee tastes a lot like the central american roasts that I enjoy: bold, sweet, and creamy. It pairs exceptionally well with the JSK Red Knight Lonsdale cigar.

2nd Round: Unsweetened

While I prefer my coffee sweetened, I still thoroughly enjoyed drinking Caffe Kral Coffee black. The unique flavors really come out when drinking it unsweetened, and the first thing that appears is the creaminess of the bean. This bean forms a really nice, thick layer of crema (the top layer of Turkish coffee). It adds a smooth, creamy taste to the first sips of the unsweetened Caffe Kral Coffee, which complements the nutty and chocolate notes of the roast. The end of each sip is accented by a ting of citrus, which is what I enjoyed most about Caffe Kral Coffee.

Caffe Kral

I think the coffee and the red knight lonsdale really complemented each other with a lot of sweet and salty qualities. A great mix together and a great coffee. You can order Caffe Kral at https://jassumkral.com/shop/coffee/