Hi there! My name is Harvey; I’m Stogyjournal’s resident Pipe Guy.

As the somewhat self-bestowed title suggests, you’re almost exclusively going to hear from me on the subject of pipe-related products. However, cigars were my first love and that is one reason why I was excited to become a part of the Stogyjournal team. This platform affords me an opportunity to introduce pipe tobacco to a new range of people who, given the chance, might really enjoy it. Pipe reviews for Cigar smokers, that’s what I write.

So how does it work? Well, pretty similar to a standard cigar review. Although there’s a bit of guestimation involved, I aim to divide my reviews into thirds, just like you’d see with cigars. Although not every tobacco, or cigar for that matter, has dynamic enough flavor to be different when sectioned off in this way, many pipe blends are wonderfully fluid and lend themselves well to this method. Additionally, instead of Construction, I rate on the more vague aspect of overall “Quality’, which I hope will translate well enough.

Other than that, you’ll occasionally notice terms and phrases that are unfamiliar to cigar smokers, but a pipe smoker may readily understand. Sometimes I will provide an explanation in the post, but the aim is to reduce the occurrence and eventually put up a glossary that you can refer to if you’re ever left wondering about something pipe-related.

Alright, folks, enjoy! If you ever have suggestions, questions, or comments, feel free to reach out.